Many Australian’s will spend over 30 years in retirement. Partnering with FinAdvice Financial Planning helps you carefully invest and build your wealth, maximising your pre-retirement savings, helping make those years in retirement comfortable.

What to consider before retiring:

  • Timing – your age, and when in the tax year you, will leave the workforce
  • How much income you need to fund a comfortable retirement
  • What is the most tax-effective way to fund your retirement?
  • When can you access your Superannuation?
  • Do you qualify for the Age Pension?
  • What debts you have?
  • Are you considering downsizing the family home?
  • Whether you will completely retire, or just cut back your hours
  • Can you make a last effort to save before you retire?
  • How would retiring effect tax obligations?
  • How you will keep busy during retirement; what will your hobbies and interests cost?
  • What significant expenses will you have after your retirement (holidays, new car, home renovations, and unexpected expenses)
  • The level of comfort you would like when you retire

Most people plan on enjoying a comfortable retirement where the following is affordable:

  • household goods, private health insurance and a reasonable car
  • good clothes, a range of electronic equipment
  • domestic and occasional international travel

FinAdvice Financial Planning Bathurst
FinAdvice Financial Planning Bathurst

When can Super be accessed?

The money invested in your name in Superannuation is “locked away” and – with a few exceptions – is not able to be used by you until you have retired from working. Most people in Australia retire at the age of 65.

Please read our General Advice Warning.

Have a look at the Australian Taxation Office’s website for more information, or contact FinAdvice Financial Planning to discuss how we can help you manage your super.

How much do I need?

Most people now expect to live well into their eighties, so if you stop working at 65, you’ll need retirement income for about 20 years.

How much you need set aside in Super depends upon your needs and expectations.

If you own your own home, to maintain your pre-retirement standard of living after you’ve retired, a rule of thumb is your investments will need to annually generate two-thirds (67%) of your pre-retirement income.


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