Investment Process

A secure financial future begins with a good plan; a good plan is a natural outcome of a proven investment selection process. Our approach ensures the final plan is well-considered and appropriate to you.

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Our Investment Selection Process

The initial meeting is a fee-free meeting.
At the initial meeting, you discuss with your Financial Adviser your circumstances, goals and ideas. You tell us about your current situation, daily challenges and dreams.

We will clarify any issues or concerns that arise. We will also discuss different strategies that might help you.

The Subsequent Meeting
You have had time to consider our first chat, and have decided come to a second meeting. Here, we will clarify issues & directions from the first meeting, focusing on detail, understanding and agreement.

We talk about the direction our investigations are headed, and agree on fees. A ‘Letter of Engagement’ is signed only if you are happy to continue working with us.

We then set to work investigating different strategies, and settle on the most appropriate. We may phone you to discuss any newly identified options.

Investments are selected based on quality research, with a focus on diversity and liquidity. We reference your comfort-zone and ethical perspectives when recommending investments. We then compile your financial plan. The report outlines each:

  • strategy
  • recommendation
  • alternative
  • investment
  • risks, costs and issues
  • financial projections may also be included

The Presentation Meeting
At the Statement of Advice Presentation Meeting, we present your personalised recommendation. We discuss on each strategy and option. You have the opportunity to ask questions, ensuring you are comfortable and understand the investment proposal.

You will then sign investment application documents authorising the plan to begin implementation.

Finally, we lodge the forms. Implementing your plan will require us to liaise with your superannuation fund/existing investment providers.

Depending on the strategy, this step could take several weeks or months.

FinAdvice Financial Planning Bathurst
FinAdvice Financial Planning Bathurst

Ongoing Service
Our ‘Ongoing FinAdvisory Service’ is an optional service paid via an ongoing Adviser Services Fee.

We commit to regularly review your investments, and make changes where appropriate. Adjustment to your investments mean your plan is dynamic; it is able to change in line with the market or your changed circumstances.


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