Ongoing Service

Ongoing Service – Removing the worry from investing. 

FinAdvice Financial Planning promotes a long term investment approach and does this by offering our Ongoing FinAdvisory Service.

Over time the economy will have its ups and downs, and your investments will mirror this.

Investing is rewarding, but it can also be worrying.

However, you can take comfort in accessing the years of education, experience and training of the planners at FinAdvice Financial Planning, knowing we have experienced your concerns and understand your situation.

The plan you set today will not be the plan which is appropriate for you in two, five, and certainly ten years time.

We encourage you to engage this optional service which is available only to FinAdvice Financial Planning clients and paid via a voluntary ongoing adviser services fee.

The Ongoing FinAdvisory Service includes;

  • Ongoing and pro-active reviewing of managed funds by FinAdvice Financial Planning, SIRA Group Pty Ltd, and Morningstar.
  • Ongoing and pro-active reviewing of recommended shares by FinAdvice Financial Planning and Morningstar
  • Pro-active and swift investment changes should;
    • An issue arise with an investment
    • Our research indicates that a change could better position you for the future
    • A share you hold is re-rated to SELL
    • Regular portfolio reporting
    • Regular meetings with your Adviser (A minimum of one meeting per annum is compulsory)
    • Extra meetings and phone discussions with your adviser and/or our staff to discuss financial planning issues as required (limits may apply)
    • Subscription to our Occasional FinAdvice Email newsletter

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