Why, what and how?

You may have avoided getting financial advice because you’re not sure how a financial adviser can help you. You may also think you’ll have to pay for a comprehensive and expensive financial plan. Depending on the kind of advice you need, you may not…advisers mostly add value by helping you sort out your financial goals and working with you to develop a plan to achieve them over time…Most importantly, working with an adviser will help you turn thought into action, especially if you tend to put things off.*

We know what products and strategies are “out there,” and have an idea of what may suit you at your time of life, or in your situation. It does not cost anything to come in to see us, to have a charge-free initial discussion, to see if you are able to help you.

We’ll help put your plans into action!

How do we do this?

  • Initial Meeting
  • Subsequent meeting/meetings.
  • Strategy development
  • Investment selection
  • Advice preparation
  • Advice presentation
  • Advice implementation
  • Meetings to review your situation

At the initial meeting, you discuss with your Financial Adviser your circumstances, goals and ideas. The aim is to clarify any issues or concerns that arise, and chat about possible strategies that can get you ahead. The intitial meeting is a fee free meeting.

Normally we have a subsequent meeting to re-visit and clarify issues & directions from the first meeting, focusing on detail, understanding and agreement.  You have had time to consider our chat, and decide if you wish to move forward. At the second meeting, a clear direction is agreed and fees are clarified. If you are happy to move forward, a ‘Letter of Engagement’ is signed.

After this, we work on the strategy, documenting it to ensure opportunities are maximised and the ideas discussed with your adviser remain the best options. If new options are found, you may be phoned for a discussion.

Investments are selected based on quality research, with a focus on diversity & liquidity. Special attention is taken to ensure that all investments remain within your comfort-zone & ethical perspectives.

Your personal financial advice is documented, clearly outlining each strategy, recommendation, alternatives, investments, risks, costs and issues. Depending on the circumstances, financial projections are often included.

At the Statement of Advice Presentation Meeting, we discuss with you your personalised recommendation, with emphasis on understanding and agreement on each strategy and option. Documents and forms are ready for signing, after agreeing to move forward.

Once you are ready to move forward, we liaise with your superannuation fund and/or existing investment providers to put your recommendation in place. Depending on the strategy, this step could take several weeks or months.

Our ‘Ongoing FinAdvisory Service’ is an optional service paid via an ongoing Adviser Services Fee. The key focus is to work together, year after year, to fine-tune your outlook, regularly review your investments and work through any changes brought about by your changing circumstances.