What about insurance?

  • Discuss ideas
  • Clarify needs
  • Go over issues and options
  • Consider affordability
  • Agree and implement

We don’t jump in with a pre-conceived idea of what you either need or want. When you come in and meet your adviser, we focus on discussing your circumstances, goals and ideas.

We take time to clarify your needs, considering different scenarios to ensure that all your needs are covered should something go wrong.

The differing options & strategies available to you are talked about, ensuring the chosen insurance solution best matches your needs.

We’ve focused on what insurance you need, but now is time to consider if you are able to afford it. We look for funding solutions – can we fund appropriate cover (partially or fully) from the balance of your superannuation account? If unaffordable, revisit the options and levels of cover to ensure the right cover remains affordable.

Once a clear direction is agreed and all costs are clarified, a ‘Letter of Engagement’ is signed.